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McAllister Dentistry is a full-service dental office that provides a comprehensive approach to caring for our patients. We know that your dental health is an important part of your overall health. We offer personalized dental care, listen to your concerns and work with you to achieve improved health, function, and smiles.

Goals: We have 3 main goals when caring for our patients

  1. To provide Quality Dental Health Care to all our patients in a manner which     considers their overall health.
  2. To Educate and Encourage our patients to take charge of their own bodies, mouths, health and Oral Health.
  3. To Set the Standard for dental care in our community.

We offer our patients the unique experience of working with the dentist in a process to discover together the aspects of your oral health and appearance that can be improved.

Our patients are given a thorough, comprehensive oral examination. Our patients are educated about their individual needs and they have the opportunity to sit down with Dr. McAllister to discuss their past experiences with dentistry and express their wants and needs for dental health and overall health.

The team at McAllister Dentistry is committed to providing a friendly, comfortable environment with personalized, comprehensive dental services to meet the needs of you and your family.

More information about our Comprehensive Exam is listed below. Please read below then click on our Dental Services page to learn more about all the dental services we provide.

Comprehensive Exam
On your first appointment with McAllister Dentistry, you will be welcomed into our office and introduced to Dr. McAllister and his team. We will take you through the Comprehensive Exam process, explain everything to you and encourage your input as we spend time together.

We want our patients to understand and participate in the comprehensive exam so we will take time to get to know you as an individual, interview you about your past dental experiences, answer your questions and listen to your concerns. We will work together to discover the aspects of your oral health, dental needs and appearance that can be improved.

A comprehensive exam is complete and thorough. It involves having x-rays, photographs and examinations of your teeth, gums and jaw.

The team at McAllister Dentistry will take different types of X-rays depending on your individual need.

If necessary, we will also take close-up photographs of your teeth and face. All x-rays and photos are important because they help Dr. McAllister evaluate the health of individual teeth, help him assess the condition of any existing restorations, such as fillings or crowns, and aid in discussions about any cosmetic or aesthetic concerns you may have.

Dr. McAllister will give you a complete check up that includes an assessment of your teeth, your gums and other soft tissue and an oral cancer screen. Dr. McAllister will evaluate the current condition of your teeth, jaw joint, jaw muscles and evaluate how well your teeth fit together.


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